FITLIGHT “Power” 8 DC-Jack bag

FITLIGHT “Power” 8 DC-Jack bag

Fitlight “Power” 8 FitlightDC Jack sensors, pouch, Fitlight app for IOS or Android, 2 Waist Clips, 16 Velcro points, dashboard, trainer manual, 1 year warranty, support & updates.
Ideal for group training
Fully programmable & customizable
Splash proof
Portable and handy
Expandable to 32 lights


excl. 19% VAT

The FITLIGHT® system is a dynamic, elite reaction training system consisting of wireless LED lights. The FITLIGHTS® feature a patented, fully programmable sensor for both impact (touch) and motion (distance) modes. The lights are extremely durable, flexible and can be easily integrated into any workout to enhance your experience. The lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, have a range of 50M-75M from your wireless device and can control multiple groups simultaneously.

They are operated via the FITLIGHT® app, which can be downloaded from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Choose from over 30+ pre-programmed exercises or completely customize your own. Create players and groups and save data to review progress later. The possibilities are endless!

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