Senaptec Strobe Glasses Pro

Senaptec Strobe Glasses Pro

Stroboscopic training goggles Sensory Training Eyewear


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The Senaptec Strobe Pro is designed to train the relationship between a person’s eyes, brain and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lens flashes between clear and opaque, picking up visual information and forcing the brain to work more efficiently. The Senaptec Strobe Pro can be integrated into an existing training/exercise program. Provides optimal training of coordination, attention, endurance and concentration and optimizes reaction time to body functions with revolutionary results. Used by US Special Forces, Navy SEAL’s teams, US Air Force pilots, top individual and team athletes. The Senaptec Strobe Pro is also well accepted by the medical and research community in many areas from injuries/disabilities to stroke patients.


The lenses can not only be controlled individually on the left and right, but can now also restrict the field of vision either at the top or bottom. Ideal for training for better coordination and reaction in sport, but also very valuable in fall prevention, for example.

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